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With cPass, you can watch a film every single day at cinemas for one low monthly fee of £9.95/month with no contract.

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  • What is cPass?

    cPass is the first UK and European cinema subscription service. For just £9.95 per month, our members can see one standard 2D film every day. We are in beta test. Note: We are an independent company, that have no direct relationship with Cinemas, but you can use our cPass card to get your ticket at the cinema for free, as long as they accept debit/credit card, and as long as we support the cinema. We support most of the cinemas (including the biggest brands).

  • How much does cPass cost?

    You pay only £9.95 per month to let you watch one standard 2D film for free every day.

  • How many films I can see per month?

    You can watch one film a day, so up to 31 a month if you really commit!